Hello and welcome to my Affordaplane page!  It's been my dream since 1982 (when I first heard of ultralights) to build and fly my own aircraft.  I well remember the days in 4th and 5th grade of trying to figure out how I could build the Popular Mechanics Woodhopper and power it with all I had available - a Briggs and Stratton engine.  Of course that never transpired but the dream was pushed along farther still with the August 1983 issue of National Geographic featuring the article entitled, "The Bird Men."  Since then, I flown many times in single engine general aviation aircraft, flown 30 minutes solo in a Parascender Powered Parachute (with an awesome first time landing!), and logged about 6 hours of student pilot time in GA craft.  By far, the Pascender was the highlight of my flying interest and thanks to Dan Koehler of Lewiston, NE, yet another piece of the dream was lodged into place.

Dave Edward's design (www.affordaplane.com) is the idea I have always had for an ultralight but never knew how to go about it.  I've had the wonderful opportunity of proofreading half of the A-Plane plans and providing Dave with updates at no charge because I sincerely love this plane.  It's my dream come true.  This website is going to detail the results of my research and pursuit of my dream to fly.  I hope you enjoy it.