Listed here are some of the tools I'm planning to use on my Affordaplane construction.  Dave Edwards lists some specialty tools that he used in the Affordaplane plans.  I've done some research for myself and decided that I'd post some pictures and part numbers in case anyone else is interested in the information.

First of all, I purchased my deburring tool and what is known as a "drill guide" through an HWI Do-It Best retail store.  You can find these tools available for ordering at  They are made by General Tools Manufacturing Company of New York.  Following is the information you need when ordering these parts.  If for some reason you're not able to locate these tools, you may call up Mead Lumber in Beatrice, NE at 402-223-5264 and ask for Erin.  Payment in full will be required before I order.

The Deburring Tool



The deburring tool comes with 2 inserts - the 482A and the 482B.  The directions didn't say which insert was for which kind of metal so I called up General Tools and asked.  They were VERY helpful and answered my question immediately.  FYI:  The shiny insert is the 482A and the black one is the 482B.

The Drill Guide


This is the drill guide which enables you to match-drill components for the most precise fit available.  It's such a versatile tool, you'll use it in other places besides the A-plane!