I spent half a day on search engines looking for popup campers/tent campers/vintage campers.....and the list goes on.
 I found plenty of campers but after awhile I ran into this sight :

From there I clicked onto all the links, and one of them had something to do with youtube, and that's when I connected
 the names and said I would write and take my chance. It worked LOL!! Yes you may add the pics to your sight. And here's
 our history of how we stumbled across this:

We have looked for close to 2 years for a motorcycle camper but the new ones are extremely expensive, or needed too
 much work for what we found in the price range we could afford. I went onto Craig's list and saw this, and this past
 Saturday we went down to look at it. The owner said he hadn't used it in 7 years and that motorcyclers had been
showing up to see it but said it was to heavy to haul. I asked him to open it up (so I could see if it was in bad
 shape or what)...and the canvas is in absolutely mint condition with no rips, mold, stains, tears--anything. One
of the boards of the beds needs to be replaced (no biggy) and the lights need replacing. The frame needs to be
repainted (its icky and that worn out look right now LOL), and last night my husband, Randy, went out and buffed
a small portion of one side, and it looked brand new--so all the box needs is a major good buffing. We bought it
 for $150!!!!!!! One Hundred Fifty!!!! It also pulled awesome behind the motorcycle!! So.........its all
other peoples losses and our gain!! I'm still grinning ear to ear on the deal we got, and believe me--we won't
 be parting with it anytime too soon. Thanks so much for the info too. I'm going to go read it now. Angela
p.s. we are north of Milwaukee in Wisconsin and prices around here aren't exactly cheap on campers!!!!