My Trip to Independence, MO in June 2000.


This is what it's all about.

The following are some pictures that were taken during my first BIG roadtrip in my 1967 VW Bus.  I stayed almost a week in Independence, Mo with Dan Kinsey.  He was an excellent host - feeding and boarding me.  I got to work on his 58 Binz/VW Crewcab and he gave me a batch of parts for free including several trailer hitches for bugs and buses!  Here are a few shots of his Binz.

Here Matt Kinsey relaxes while playing his Gameboy in the Binz.  Can you think of any better place to play?  I can't!  Notice the safari windows are open!

Talk about accessories!  EMPI GT steering wheel, Safari's, CD Player, EMPI tach, single bend shifter extension, gear pattern shift knob, trip speedo, radio block off plate, and barely visible - the Hawaiian Hula Girl (she dances when the Safari's are open!)

Can you say Ambulance Fans?  Cool...literally!