Shawn Weakland and Ryan's design based on the 1994 prototype.

    I currently don't have any pictures of this engine but I can tell you about it.  Shawn and Ryan are a couple of teenage friends of mine who like to hang out in my shop while I work on my old VW bugs and vans.  We are currently building a set of scooters that will be powered by Briggs and Stratton engines.

    These guys were thrilled when I showed them my prototype engine that ran for 20+ minutes off of a wet/dry vac so they repeatedly studied my design and in 4 hours, built their own prototype.  I set the timing for them and made a few suggestions as to how to fix a few design flaws.  This engine is taller and more slender than any of the other designs on this page, however it runs, and runs well.  I'll post more pictures when they become available.