This page is just a list of miscellaneous photos that I really don't want to create individual pages for.  Click on the thumbnails to get the full sized image.

Fusebox tag from a 1958 bus.

    1968 bus in Fairbury, NE junkyard - a victim of a nasty rear-ender

Brand new Form-Vee fresh out of the box at Spokane, WA VW show - courtesty Russ Maak.

Old volt guage possibly from an old VW?  Email me if you know what this is from.

Diagram showing ductwork for gas heater in a VW bus - photo courtesy of Rob Laffoon.

    Coil/optical points that I'm running on my 1966 VW Bus available from J.C. Whitney.

    My 74 Super Beetle (Li'l Red) pulling a little red trailer.

    Diagram showing the difference between fuel pump pushrods on alternator and generator equipped VW engines.

Home made tool used for removing the input shaft seal on a VW transmission.

Split window Westy at the June '99 Omaha VW Club show in Omaha, NE getting the hippy treatment.

Rob Laffoon's 72 poptop Westy and Terry Wolfe's 65 hardtop Westy at the OVWC show 6-99.

    Getting a ride with Terry Wolfe in Frodo.  Dig that split screen view!

Ghia - 15 years in the making with an Olds 455 c.i. v8 in the rear end at the 6-99 OVWC show.

The 'action' end of the same Ghia.  It really sounds like a Type 1 engine at idle!  Go figure...

Hauling the 1995 Mexican Bug shell off to the farm on the back of one of  my work trucks.

Which bug do you like best? (74 Super or 72 Super)

    Russ Maak and his friend Rick from Spokane, WA taking away my dune buggy in 8-99.

    The beast of burden that hauled Russ and Rick all the way to Beatrice, NE and back to Spokane, WA!!!

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NQ 10-99