So you like Mopeds, huh?

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I've been interested in moped's ever since the early 90's when I was given 5 of them that were seized up and in non-running condition.  They included a Motori Minarelli powered Alexander Reynolds EZ Ryder, Honda (with baskets), a Puch, McCulloch powered motor-bike, and the rusted remains of another unknown brand.  I kept the junkiest looking moped which also had the most power (the Minarelli EZ Ryder) and it's also the one featured as the background on this page.  Steve's Moped ( & Moped Warehouse ( has OEM and performance parts available for all kinds of mopeds so go check him out.  I even got a photo-copied spec. book for my engine!

I weigh the better part of 300 pounds and my mopeds, with proper maintenace, have never fallen apart on me.  The only problem I seem to have is unreliable starts even with a new carb, on the Minarelli so now I ride an electric start Panda scooter but I still have my Minarelli.  In April of 2002, I accomplished a 100 mile trip from Beatrice, NE to Lincoln, NE and back again on the old Union Pacific railroad bed (which is no longer in use.)  I had 4 fuel stops and used $1.90 in gas!  The whole trip took about 5 hours but was one of the BEST moped/scooter trips I've ever taken!  Below are some pictures of my EZ Ryder.  Notice the home-made gas tank courtesty of my grandfather Wendell Hillers.
Moped Pictures
Me on my Ez Ryder sideview Mean moped man :-) Fake Wheelie #1 Fake Wheelie #2
EZ Ryder Gas Tank Engine Stamp Steve's Moped Sticker Nice Sideview
Diagonal Shot This Background Background #1 Background #2
Background #3 Background #4 My Panda Scooter Winter of 2000 riding!