Just what is all this No Quarter 'NQ' stuff all about?  Back in the early days of computing (for me - the 80's) it was popular to have an alias when telecommunicating, or rather, using the modem to make posts on BBS's.  With the plethora of computer piracy going on at the time, one had to use an alias to prevent from getting caught by the authorities.  Today, for me at least, it's a form of anonymity although many people know me by my real name.  I used to go by Silent Service (*-=>SS<=-*) on Goofy Golfer's 19th Hole BBS fashion on my Commodore 64.  In 1994-1995 I felt I was due for a change.  I chose 'No Quarter' after the self-titled album by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame during their "unplugged" album heyday at the same time I wanted the new alias.  Amongst the VW crowd, I'm known as "N" - "Q" or No Quarter but my friends call me by my real name as the NQ thing is strictly an Internet alias.   So there ya have it.  NQ it is.