June 1998 Homestead Days Parade in Beatrice, NE

Here's the line up of VWs in the parade, sorted out from oldest to newest. .  I'm in the teal green 72 Super Beetle (2nd from left).  Shannon Kleveland and her family were in the copper color 'vert in the rear (78 Super).

Here's my bother's 72 Super Beetle. I'm driving and my brother is seen here taking a picture of the photographer.  As of 04-01-02, this bug has a stock engine but eventually a Berg 2161 engine will be installed.

Here is Matt Joy's (of Lincoln, NE) 57 Oval window bug.  This bug is a definite dream bug sporting original BRM rims, and full 2180 Berg engine with IDA 48's. I've seen this bug  break the tires loose on asphalt and get a 2nd gear chirp while taking off down the street.  It's fast.

Although this isn't a parade shot, I wanted to show another shot of our first bug, the 72 Super Beetle.  This was the last picture on an old disposable camera and it turned out pretty rotten.  My youngest brother is seen here shying away from the camera.