Highlights and Favourites of the June 2000 MoKan VW Show in Independence, MO

This car is one of my favourites.  This '49 Heb' belonged to a couple in Trenton, MO ever since it was imported from overseas.  The previous owners were such nice people that while they had it, they let me sit in the car, fiddle with the knobs, and just were the coolest people about it.  This Heb has been restored to as close as factory as possible and it's really a nice example of a later English assembled Heb.

And of course here is yours truly posing in front of the Heb.  Rob Laffoon of Omaha, NE kindly snapped this picture of me holding my pop of can.  I wasn't joking when I said look for a big guy in overalls with a bandana on was I.  This time I even had a can of pop in hand. :-)